How to build a capsule jewellery collection

How to build a capsule jewellery collection - Réalta

We’ve all heard of the capsule wardrobe, but have you ever thought about creating your own capsule jewellery collection? We've put together a list of our top pieces that are perfect for s styling.

Réalta jewellery is all waterproof and tarnish-free, so you can wear these pieces all day every day without having to worry about a thing. 

Snake chain

We think every jewellery collection needs a snake chain. They are ideal for layering and sometimes the more simple pieces are the most eye catching. Our classic snake chain comes in gold & silver. 


Classic Hoops

You can't go wrong with a pair of gold hoops & our Gransha Hoops are the perfect way to elevate your outfit. These hoops are a perfect size, they're super lightweight and are shared in a contemporary, indent style.

 Claddagh Ring

It would be hard for us to not say the classic Claddagh would be our first pick here, so we've got two favourites to share. Of course, the Claddagh is a must-have and is without a doubt our best seller. This gorgeous staple ring is a sure-fire conversation starter and is a timeless classic.





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